Seattle Super Tree Service is a locally-owned residential and commercial tree care company. At Seattle Super Tree Service, we pride ourselves in our excellent and prompt customer service. We are committed to helping our customers maintain beautiful, healthy trees.

Morton Tree Removal

Morton Tree Removal

Our team of tree service experts know and understand the delicate and dangerous business of removing a tree. In the long run, if you go with an amateur company, you can end up paying more because of mistakes they can make due to lack of experience.

With our years of experience in removing trees in Seattle, we are the go to team for using the safest practices and cutting-edge equipment to effectively and safely remove even the most difficult of trees with minimal intrusion to the home owner.
To keep a tree healthy, some jobs are just too big and dangerous for you to do on your own and that’s when you should seek professional expertise.

In general, a good way to determine when it’s time for the pros, we generally say that : if you can’t work with both feet on the ground, that’s when you should hire a professional tree service.

We have a commitment to responsibly remove any problematic trees while keeping the property in tact, and without disrupting any healthy trees that surround the problem.

As experts in this field, we place value in our customers overall experience with us and we strive to deliver a professional service from initial contact to the moment our trucks leave your property having completed the job.

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Reasons for tree removal include:

  • Tree roots pose a threat to foundations, driveways and underground utilities
  • Blocks out too much light, inhibits adjacent lawns or other natural growth
  • Unsafe proximity to buildings, play structures or utility lines
  • High-maintenance trees that drop seeds, and branches
  • Major storm damage

Whatever your reasons, planning the removal of a tree from your property is a complex task best carried out by qualified professionals that are equipped with the proper gear, knowledge and experience to ensure safe and effective tree and stump removal.


Stump Grinding

Tree Removal Morton

Tree Removal Morton

For us, stump removal is an integral part of tree removal. Stumps left behind will decay and may become a breeding ground for fungus and termites as well as being an eye-sore. We have machines that convert the stump into mulch so that you can replant, re-turf or build over the very site that the tree has been removed from. Stump grinding transforms a stump into mulch which can be used to fill the empty space left by the tree. We have a number of different sized machines large enough to remove stumps from open spaces and small enough to fit through your front door or side gate.


Stump Removal or Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding involves mechanically grinding down the remainder of the stump. The advantage of stump grinding is that level at which the stump is ground down is adjustable. This means that it can be ground down to only 2 inches underground or up to 12. It’s also an efficient solution that is fast, affordable and environmentally sustainable.

Stump removal refers to a more intricate process of stump extraction that removes the stump from the ground. Stump removal may be necessary if the tree’s roots have become infected or a dangerous hazard to the landscape. It also safeguards against the possibility of regrowth.


How Do I Know If My Tree Needs To Be Removed?

Tree removal is often a necessary part of landscape management. Defective, diseased or dying trees can pose a serious safety hazard. Although these symptoms may not be visible to the naked eye, Daryl’s Tree Care can complete a Hazard Risk Assessment to determine the health of your tree. Severe weather events such as storms and lightning strikes can also compromise the structure of trees. It is advisable to call us for a comprehensive Risk Assessment.


What’s involved in the tree removal process?

During the process, our tree removal technicians use special tools to cut the tree into a series of sections from the top to the bottom. This might be less exciting than a single giant chop at the base of the tree, but much safer. You never know where that tree will land!

Tree Removal in Morton

Tree Removal in Morton

We use a crane to remove large trees. That allows us to lift the tree without letting it fall to the ground, thus minimizing risk of damage to your home and property. We also use chippers, a logging truck, and an aerial lift truck in some cases to complete our jobs, and we follow the latest industry standards to ensure your safety and ours.


Can I Replant After Removing A Tree?

Yes! We can convert your tree stump into mulch so you can replant, re-turf or build over the original site. Removing a tree actually provides a fantastic opportunity to replant the site with young, vigorous trees that can have a positive impact on the landscape.

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